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Alpaca fleece can be quite valuable. It is cherished by those all over the world who appreciate luxurious garments. As alpaca breeders, our focus is on the quality of the fiber produced by our alpacas. Part of that focus is treating that fiber as the valuable commodity it is. One of the most important days of an alpaca breeder's year is shearing day. Shearing day is when the precious fiber, the reason alpacas are owned and bred, is harvested. Alpacas are sheared only once a year and produce on average between 5 -10 lbs of fiber but only 2.5 to 7 lbs of that fiber is prime quality fiber...

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MSA Peruvian Brunello

MSA Peruvian Brunello

If you like tightly stapled, shining dark fiber, this is your boy! Now, this is a stu...

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