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Vet Visit

Date : 07/25/07

I  always look forward to vet day. One of the first things Scott and I did when we brought our animals to the ranch is contact our local vet, Foothill Mobile Vet. Dr.'s Dave Turoff and Mike Russel have been very proactive and seem to really enjoy working with the alpacas. Today we had some pretty routine stuff, or so I thought. The first two animals had been coughing, so I had Dr. Russel take a look at them.  No temps, or lung sounds or funny discharges. So we are thinking it is from the heat and dust we are experiencing this summer. We'll keep and eye on them and make sure it doesn't develope into anything else down the road. Second up, a girl with eye irritation. A dark animal, Midnight Madness always has problems with flies in her eyes. Dr. Russel put a stain in each eye to make sure there were no ulcerations or cuts and gave her a much stronger eye medication than I had been using. I am excited to try the fly mask I ordered on her as soon as it gets here. The combination of the two should do the trick for the summer. Lastly, a girl with what I had been treating as a foot fungus between her two front toes. I had been giving her a fungal rinse and applying a topical to her front feet. But when Dr. Russel opened up her toes and looked way up inside, what should he find but a nice little bunch of maggots! NOT what I was expecting!. He scrubbed her toes with Betadine solution and rinsed her. Then we got Ivermectin and put 1cc between each toe of her front feet. Not as an injection, more like a flush. I am to soak her feet twice daily in epson salts and Betadine and make sure they dry out. Yikes, what a nasty surprise. You can be sure I'll be looking a little closer from now on. It is always a learning experience when we have the vet out. Make sure you take the time to have a vet come to your ranch when you are starting up. This way they know you and your animals and know the time it takes to get to your ranch in an emergency. Thank you to Dr. Turoff and Dr. Russel, Alpacas of El Dorado appreciates you.


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