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Fly Treatment Day

Date : 07/29/07

Today it has been about 8 weeks since we have done fly treatments on the animals. We use Cylence on the alpacas at the rate of 2 cc's each and 1cc on the cria. After they had eaten this morning it was a good time to start. Scott and I can do about 30 animals in about half an hour. We run about 6 at a time into a small pen and I load up two syringes with 6 cc's each. I can hit each animal topically, head, withers and tail in less than a minute. We also replace all our Rescue fly bags and Redwood fly traps with new bait. And every other week we get our shipment of parasites to put on the dung piles. With our daily cleanup of the pens and barns and our mixture of PDZ, Drystall and America's Choice fine pine shavings in the barns we feel pretty good that we have hit the flies from every angle.


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