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Maddy and her Mask

Date : 07/31/07

In our previous Blog we talked about all we do for fly control. But there are always a few animals that are extremely bothered no matter what we do. This calls for Fly Masks. I ordered a few masks from Quality Llama Products and waited anxiously for them to arrive. Once they came I actually put one over my eyes to see what kind of visibility you would have. I could see very well and it was adjustable using Velcro straps. I chose El Dorado Midnight Madness (Maddy) for my guinea pig. She is a black animal with the worst fly problems around her eyes. I fastened it on her and let the rodeo begin. She was determined to shake it off at first until I gave her some pellets. Once she realized she could eat with it on she seemed to relax. All of the girls in her pasture though, were very afraid of her. She would bound over to them and they would run. As if she had a very alive hat on her head. But in about 10 minutes and some new alfalfa hay I gave them they all settled down to eat. I have checked on Maddy several times today and she is very content to wear her mask. I'll check her eyes tonight when I bring her in and see if wearing the fly mask kept the flies out of her eyes today.


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