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Relocating Expectant Mothers

Date : 08/03/07

I have been working on my pasture maps for about a week. Meaning, it is time to move animals that are due to give birth in the next 30 days up close to our house. Right now there are females with 5 month old cria that are still a little young to wean in this pasture that have been their since the cria were first born. What I try to do is keep all the cria together until I can wean them in a group. We breed for spring and fall births so it is easy to keep a group together that are about the same age. With this being said, I have had to plan on paper what pastures I can put these animals in and what animals I can move around to accommodate this. We have 5 acres, with about 3 fenced. A main barn with several pens that run out into their pastures and 2 barns with pastures we use for boys. Also we are in the process of building a barn just for animals that are here for breeding to our studs. We have 7 girls that are due starting in late August and running through November. These are the ones that move close to our house. I want it to be stress free for them, so I move them all together at the same time. They seem to like their new pasture right away and I can watch them at all times from my house. The moms with the 5 month olds are also moved in a group. It seems as long as mom and cria go together, they are happy. And the cria are all just excited to see a new place and investigate. The boys can see from a distance when we move the animals and really get excited. Everyone seems adjusted and I can now wait for new births, knowing I don't have to move that group of animals again until spring.  We will start weaning at 6 months and move all the male cria into their pasture and move the female cria into their pasture. I'll keep you informed on how it goes.


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