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Ear Flushes that Work

Date : 08/08/07

Today I noticed that two of our three studs that are in the same pen were shaking their heads and sneezing. It has been my experience that there is usually a tick or some other small irritant down in one of their ears. I have a great solution for this brought to me by Dr. Rob Pollard. He has put together an ear flush that actually works. It comes in an 8 ounce bottle and for mites or ticks you add 2ccs of ivermectin directly into the 8 ounce bottle. You then shake it up and draw up in a syringe enough for 3ccs per ear for each animal. We squirt the liquid into each ear and they shake like crazy. But in about hour you will see total improvement. No head shaking, no sneezing, you're done. Your animals will thank you. Use gloves and cover your eyes; this stuff can cause a reaction if it gets in your eyes.


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