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Labor Day Weekend Babies

Date : 09/02/07


Always worth the wait, we had our first fall cria born on Friday March 31st.  Running up to the barn around 6:00am, I saw our first time mom Music, cushing by her just born cria still with the membrane on it. I got Scott out of bed and we moved mom and baby into our birthing area in the barn. Music started to pass her placenta and we got a warm washcloth and massaged her teats. This makes it very easy to pull the plugs and really gets the milk flowing. Being a first time mom, she was not at all sure about letting her cria nurse. After we dipped the crias navel we put her up to Music, hoping she would let the cria nurse. She would have none of it, backing up and spinning around. We would hold Music and put the cria under her. Musics teats were actually spilling milk on her legs. With me underneath Music guiding the cria to the udder she would nurse and get an abundance of milk, but we had to figure out a way to get Music to like this idea. Finally we discovered that the less we touched Music the calmer she would become and if we fed her pellets she would let the cria nurse. Every hour we would do this until Music got used to the idea. And soon, Music was letting her cria nurse on her own. As the cria got more persistent, Music couldnt get away from her, and they bonded in the birthing pen and the cria was nursing normally.  Our second cria was born right on her due date, September 1st. Crystal is a great mom and actually laid down on her side with her legs spread for the birth. I have never seen a baby come out so easily. She swam out with her hind legs kicking away. Crystal is an import so we move very slowly around her as she has not been handled much. We took her cria up to our birthing area and dried her off and dipped her navel. Then we let Crystal do the rest. Crystal would move with her cria until she would be in a position to nurse, then the cria would search around until she found the teats. We also had massaged Crystals teats with a warm washcloth and pulled her plugs as well. So when the baby latched on she would get milk the first time. We feel blessed our first two cria this fall are girls and healthy. Only five more to go.


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