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Fire !

Date : 09/10/07


I can't tell you how frightening it is to get a phone call saying we have a fire that is very close to us. Luckily Scott was home from the Bay Area at 3:00pm this last Friday. We looked outside and saw a plume of very dark black smoke rising just down from us. Thinking we needed to see exactly where this fire was and how big it was, we jumped into our jeep and drove down the main road towards Somerset. The fire was just at our main road traveling up the grade. Instantly we saw several spot fires exploding from the cedar trees. We jumped out of the jeep and tried to help some people put them out. Very quickly fire trucks arrived as well as the police. They closed the road and we stayed right at the fire trying to help spot any small fires that could spring up. Two large planes flew overhead and dropped the fire retardant on the flames. Then a helicopter came going back and forth dropping baskets of water on the flames. Next one of our neighbors showed up with a large water truck which he used to replenish the now empty fire engines. We were then joined by the Dept. of Corrections men to surround the fire and keep the hot spots in check. It seemed like forever to us, but in probably less than an hour, this six acre fire was out. What started it? A truck driving up the road had a flat tire and continued to drive on the rim setting off sparks into the dry brush. Scott and I stayed until they reopened our road. Driving into our ranch we were extremely thankful and happy that the firefighters had jumped on this fire so quickly. We had just learned that some of them had just returned from a 17 day stint fighting the Idaho fires. They were very tired but never complained. Firefighters just doing their job saving our land, structures, and animals. The very next day, Scott and I drove into town and purchased shovels to keep in our cars. You never know when you might be driving and spot a fire. It makes us feel a little less helpless to know we might be able to lend a hand.



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