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First show of the season

Date : 10/03/07

First show of our show season was Monterey Pronk. A beautiful venue, utilizing two rings this year for a Level 3 show. Being that we have both Suri and Huacayas, I get a little stressed hoping they don't all show at the same time. But everyone helps each other and no one missed any classes. This time we took our newest juveniles all just six months. Four boys and two girls. Plus, we took our yearling from Glacial Storm and our award winning Zeena, El Dorado Gold Panner. We also brought El Dorado Barreda, our white 2 year old Bruxo suri boy. We are planning on selling him this year, so it is nice to show him off. Showing to us is all about meeting new people, seeing old friends, drinking some wine and talking alpacas. It is also a great marketing tool. We make sure we bring our Herdsire's fleece and promotional items. We always manage to sell breedings at a show. This time we had offspring from our Herdsires showing in the ring. That is a great way to see what your breeding males produce. Usually there is either a dinner or wine tasting event where we all gather on Saturday night. This is a great chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Scott and I always look through the barns to see what animals are in the pens. This way you get to see first hand on what other people are breeding for. As far as the actual show, it is usually a lot of standing around waiting for your class or helping others show their animals. But the judge's comments are always very interesting to hear. All in all we felt we did well at the show. Bringing home ribbons for each animal we took. A first place for El Dorado Barreda, 2nd place for El Dorado Windsurfer, 2nd place for El Dorado Chocolate Splash, 4th for El Dorado Gold Panner, 4rd for El Dorado Promise (in a very competitive class of 14) and 4th for El Dorado Galaxy and a 5th for El Dorado Ghost Rider. Both Promise and Galaxy had very competitive classes and the judge's comments made us feel like we were headed in the right direction with our breeding decisions. Next show, AlpacaMania at the Jackson County Fairgrounds outside of Medford Oregon. See you there!


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