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Alpacamania Results

Date : 10/23/07

Great fun at Alpacamania. We always look forward to this show. It is a beautiful 6 hour drive from our ranch to the fairgrounds. The vet check is very through. This time they were really looking for snotty noses and anything infectous. The judge, Wade Geese is very key on giving the audience a full summation on why he is placing the animals where they are at. Even if you are the only one in the class, he could give you a 2nd place ribbon if your animal is not up to par. It's always exciting and a great education to see how your animal is going to place and what he is going to say about it. We did really well this time. We took seven animals and came home with five blue ribbons, one reserve color championship and two fourth places. We had some really great competition and it made us feel that our breeding program is on the right track. Not to mention we made some great new friends and saw some old ones. Fun Fun!


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