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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for a baby

Date : 10/27/07

353 days into her pregnancy and we are still waiting for Cameo's baby. First time mom and all I thought she was in labor at least five weeks ago. So I have been watching her a very long time. She has all the signs, rolling, humming, shaking her tail. Groaning, up then down. Lot's of baby movement, then back to normal with the herd. Now all the cria are sniffing her tail and she is hating it. As if they are saying, "Hey, when is our new friend going to be here?" They seem to know that a little one is on the way. More than I do. I keep watching and waiting. Come on Cameo! We can't wait for your little suri baby from our herdsire Prince Caspian the Tenth. We have names ready for it. We have the birthing pen ready. Everything is clean and ready to go but you. Oh well, I guess you will have it when "it" is ready to see the world.


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