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Fecal Testing

Date : 11/12/07

We think the best way to find out what is going on with your animals in regards to parasites is to do quarterly fecal testing. We use a form that we got from UC Davis and fill it out to send along with our samples. We go into each barn pen and take a random sample of dung. We actually take different pieces of dung and put them together in a plactic labeled bag. This is really easy because if you look closely at the dung, every pile looks a little different. I think you can get a good mixture from each of your animals. We put all the labeled samples together along with our form, keeping a copy of the form for ourselves and overnight it to UC Davis. We used to ask for the McMasters test, but now ask for the Modified Stoll's test which is a much more accurate test for finding parasites. It can locate much smaller amounts of parasites. UC Davis will email the test results to you and then you can see what type of worming is needed. Most of the time we are proud to say we show no parasites in any of our pens. But we have seen parasites show up and worm accordingly. This way you are actually killing the parasite as opposed to just worming. We feel this is better because your animals will not become immune to the worming medication. The test is very inexpensive and gives us piece of mind.


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