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Ranch visitors from South Carolina

Date : 01/17/08

What a wonderful ranch visit I had on Wednesday evening. Scott had called me to let me know some people traveling in the area wanted to see our alpacas and were close by. Jeff, Michelle and their son Kyle came in the late afternoon, right at feeding time. This was great because all of the animals were very happy to come in to their barns and we could get up close and personal with all of them. We started with the males and worked our way up to the females and their cria. Just like Scott and I a few years ago they had lots of questions. I love to answer questions and talk about alpacas so I was in my element. We talked about the differences in each animal, what to look for when purchasing and even the final result&.. of course the beautiful clothing made from the fiber. These folks had come from South Carolina and were here for a big event for bee keepers. Jeff developed a really cool looking honey container that is made to look like a honey bee. I believe they left our ranch with a better understanding of the alpaca industry and the beautiful spirit of these creatures. I hope they come and visit us again.


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