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No Power?

Date : 01/05/08

Happy New Year! What do you mean we have no power? That is how our ranch along with many others in California came into the New Year. What a storm we went through, starting on a Friday afternoon with winds gusting to 65 miles per hour. Trees going down everywhere and luckily for me, Scott was here for the weekend. Our plan was to attend the U.C. Davis Camelid Symposium on the first weekend of January. This has always been a priority for us. We had people hired to come in and feed, clean, and put animals away for us. But&.. that was not going to be the case. Power out at 1:00pm Friday afternoon and not to be restored until sometime the next week. No problem we thought. We can handle this. HAH! What city slickers we are. We are in a mountain area, where it gets very cold. We have propane so we can cook and have our fireplace on. Our 5,000 gallon water tank is on a hill so we have gravity fed water. NO PROBLEM you say. We got up early Saturday morning to feed, but everything was frozen. Not to mention very very dark. We had a radio so we listened to the weather report which told us there was a low snowstorm headed our way. Meaning, at our elevation we would be getting snow&.allot of snow. The people we had hired to feed and clean could not make it on to our ranch. Not to mention we might not get back to our ranch from Davis where the symposium was being held. We decided to shelve the symposium and stay home. It was starting to snow heavily. And&.it was getting very cold. Our good neighbor Carl Brown was so concerned about the alpacas he came over with a spare generator and showed us city slickers how to hook it up. The alpacas were fine so we now could have our refrigerator and freezer on and TV. But no phones or showers. We had great food and wine; so we are all set. This is actually an adventure. Now it is Monday and we are really sick of the adventure. When can we take showers and call people. When can we look like humans? Thank goodness Monday afternoon our power finally goes on. Scott and I both run for the showers. What a huge appreciation we now have for power. Now a generator is the next thing on our list to buy. Through it all, the alpacas stayed in their barn just humming along. They had no problem at all. Up with the sun and to bed at sunset. Normal to them. 


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