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Too Young to start Breeding?

Date : 08/19/08

Nothing like looking out your window and seeing two of your youngsters doing what appears to be breeding. Hey! This isn't a planned breeding! And weren't you both just six months old yesterday? We go outside and sure enough our 11 month old male has our 12 month old female down, he is orgling and yes he is penetrating her. Yikes! This would not be a bad breeding since he is El Dorado Prospector out of our Providence and she is El Dorado Rhapsody our of Xanadu Afterhours, but I think they are both a little young. Both just seemed pleased with the whole idea and may want to try it several times until they get it just right. We think it is time to move Prospector out with the pregnant girls until he is big enough to go with older boys. Some of these guys are early Machos!


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