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Silvestre El Boliviano M0285 AOA



Services Offered

Alpacas are typically shorn once a year. Each alpaca will produce between 6 and 12 pounds of wonderful fleece.

Showing is a great opportunity to market your breeding program. It is also a terrific networking environment that lets you keep in touch with other breeders and learn what new things are happening in the industry.

Sizzling Suri Starter Pack

Special Sale Packages

Suri Females Can be bred for White or Colored Offspring

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Feature Articles

Spirt Wind Farm - Congrats!

The Alpaca Breeders of Southern California Inc, (SoCalpaca), was established to educate the public about Alpacas, to promote the industry, and to improve the health of Camelids.

Shear Success By Susan Muther | HaSu Ranch Alpacas
Alpaca fleece can be quite valuable. It is cherished by those all over the world who appreciate luxurious garments. As alpaca breeders, our focus is on the quality of the fiber produced by our alpacas. Part of that focus is treating that fiber as the valuable commodity it is. One of the most important days of an alpaca breeder's year is shearing day. Shearing day is when the precious fiber, the reason alpacas are owned and bred, is harvested. Alpacas are sheared only once a year and produce on average between 5 -10 lbs of fiber but only 2.5 to 7 lbs of that fiber is prime quality fiber...




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