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For the last 500 years, alpacas have been tended by the Quechua Indians who have been unaware of modern advances in animal breeding based on the relatively new science of genetics. Today, alpaca breeders worldwide are unlocking the genetic treasure of the alpaca. Both suri and huacaya alpacas are rapidly being returned to their place at the pinnacle of fiber producing livestock. We, as breeders are only beginning to understand the ultimate value of the alpaca.

Ideal Alpaca Community

The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of breeders who believe in the ultimate potential of the alpaca. We are joined together by common principles and goals. Our collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece. We have chosen the Internet as the communication medium we will use to reach our mutual goals, keeping our individual farms and ranches informed of our collective achievements.

The Internet allows us a common market place for our herds. Each member of the IAC offers their clients the same opportunity to market their farms and alpacas through our community based web site. We believe that the combination of a science-based, breed improvement program and our Internet marketing strategy will give members the maximum opportunity for success. Read our article, "The Ideal Alpaca Community" to learn more.

Studmaster / Ideal Alpaca Community

As members of the IAC, we all share a belief in the Ideal Alpaca Breed Standards, Ideal Alpaca Type and the use of progeny-tested, impact sires we call Studmaster" males. It is through the use of quality males and their progeny that the genetic improvement of our individual herds will be assured.

The herd sire is the single most important factor in determining the overall quality of any herd. This is true for all livestock businesses. It is through proper evaluation and selection of herd sires that one can continually improve their herd. The best way to do this is by understanding and employing genetic selection techniques.

The genetically correct way to select alpacas with high breeding value is by progeny testing. This method has proven most effective for predicting the genetic gain possible from any given herd sire. And allows us to breed for economically important traits, specifically the production of high quantities of fine fleece in alpacas

The IAC's Studmaster" Program is structured to facilitate and enhance the gains provided through progeny testing. Members share genetics through the common ownership of males. And through the IAC's policy of transparent recording for fleece and production records, members are able to identify the genetically superior stock. Learn more about our Studmaster" males.

Featured Herdsire

PVA Prince of Persia

PVA Prince of Persia


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Featured Alpaca

MSA Peruvian Brunello

MSA Peruvian Brunello

If you like tightly stapled, shining dark fiber, this is your boy! Now, this is a stu...

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