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The Alpaca Registry

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The Alpaca Registry
The Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI), headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska is the largest alpaca pedigree registry in the world. Using advanced DNA technology, ARI validates the parentage of alpacas submitted for pedigree registration. Once an alpaca's parentage has been validated, ARI issues a registration certificate that provides known lineage (back to point of importation) and assigns a unique number to each alpaca. ARI itself is a tremendous asset to the entire alpaca community. Created in 1988, the ARI methodology and database are some of the most sophisticated and accurate of any livestock industry anywhere in the world. The vast majority of alpacas in North America are registered with ARI. The registry protects the existing gene pool and helps ensure each breeder's investment is protected from cross-breeding with other camelids and precludes the registration of an alpaca if its parents were not ARI-registered alpacas.

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